About Me

Anupam Dwivedi’s first love was reading, & no woman has come closer. He has overcome warnings, threats, denial of extracurricular activities, cancellation of library privileges and the like to read a majority  of the fiction content across genre’s in his school days. The yearly magazine “Creations” printed by St. Mary’s school, connotes him “The Visiting Professor of St. Mary’s”.

An Animation & Multimedia graduate, he has dabbled in music & art during his school & college days which didn’t lead to much. He passes of his back to back movie and T.V watching as research into film genre’s; be sure to call his bluff.

After the great saturation of 2012, he has renounced T.V. and fiction genre’s though he continues to use online media; even sometimes reading the summaries of his favorite shows’ later seasons.

A yoga enthusiast and  vipassana practitioner he believes in building a wholesome life. He hosts beat-box performances for his potted plants in gratitude for an oxygen rich space they provide which help him recharge.

This blog is a part of what shines through. A place of experimentation and exploration. Expect posts to be removed after they have been here for a few months (or not).


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