Assumption of the law on firecrackers

Here’s an Assumption of what the law meant via Daily Prompt: Assumption


Hello – congratulations!

My dear spoiled brat, what a speculation.

For that is what you deserve,

I’ll tell you what you didn’t observe.


You burst those crackers,

did you have fun?

I’m feeling bonkers,

I want to drench you, and your crackers, with a water gun.


Holi and Diwali together,

Is what I propose.

Would you rather prefer,

Being sick due to pollution overdose.


Ask me why?

I’d do it in a minute,

I’ll make you cry,

over this dispute.


Air is precious,

we need to breathe.

Pollution is atrocious,

we’re beginning to loathe.


Loathe every vehicle that spews, grey or black smoke,

every smoker, who feels and jokes, when he smokes or tokes.

Every burning log, coal, oil, stick, plastic, paper, and leaf,

It is causing all of us a lot of grief.


We all got to share,

fresh, clean air.

But greed and pride,

made our rationality subside.


Gone are the days,

you could walk or run on the roads.

Now the air runs,

On “breathe me and I’ll harm you” mode.


Pollution has been out to get you,

don’t think that I’m joking,

It’s a worse death you know,

falling as you run with legs shaking.


Killing you slowly,

one breath at a time,

It may seem lowly,

but the polluters committed a crime.


Conspiracy to murder,

The ones who produced the ware,

Attempted murder,

the ones who freely shared the ware.

Do you even care?

For the labour and cracker caused fires?

How about the burning plastic from melting wires?


Perhaps it may be attempted genocide,

Or a pseudo religious civil war that happens regularly.

Diwali is for light, instead of polluting that harms masses.

No, no its attempted suicide with bursts – au contrarily,

That suffocates oneself and others with smoke and ashes.


I guess it’s high time we woke up to Earth,

There aren’t enough resources, there may be much dearth.

What about water and what about thirst?

Why are you all in the prisons of mind in attempts to be first?


Take a bigger perspective, do you know what happens,

When a 7-year-old today faces the world in 40 years?

They might have a child then, young and tender,

It’s not me right now, but we were all at one time an offender.


Yes, I know that regulations are there.

But if people rebel, what use are laws laid bare?

What if we put you on medications for your own good,

Are you ready to bear the inner silence for years?

You won’t reveal you tears, when faced with bulls or bears,

Would you take it like that then, or would you change your hood?


© ANUPAM DWIVEDI – COPYRIGHT 2018- all rights reserved

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