Life vs Career – Seeking Fulfillment

Build a life – not a career. A job is a means to an end. What do you want deep below your conscious perception? Would you still continue your job, if you had decent food, shelter, clothes, comfort and security?

What if, you could learn to control your mind, body and emotions to such an extent, that you’d be happy and peaceful – filled with goodwill. So strong, that no matter what society and circumstances throw at you – you do the right thing at the right time with the right intentions.

Too idealistic?

So, what about “living a life?”

What did you have for lunch last Thursday?

What is the number of your neighbour’s car?

What are the ingredients of your toothpaste?

How many of all your childhood friends do you remember?

Did this year pass quicker than the last?

How alive are you? Check your Consciousness Quotient

If you’ve taken the above test, you know exactly how alive you are?

Now how about contributing to peace, harmony, goodwill and compassion from the entirety of your being? By being peaceful, being present, being happy, in yourself and your actions, with the people you encounter, in whatever you do. Genuinely, from the depths of your mind, and heart? Living in equanimity that you developed yourself.

Most of us take a bath every day, we clean our homes, our work desks, our vehicles, our offices, our cupboards and, for some, our children.

Cleanliness is important. Hygiene matters.


What about cleaning our minds?

Not in the sense of ‘letting it out’ or ‘letting it go’. In conversation, writing poetry – it’s recycling. Not in venting, fuming, or shouting. Not in undermining, or dirty politics, or talking behind someone’s back. Not in the sense of adding a layer on your mind with prayer or visualization much like painting another coat without scrubbing the one below. Not in the form of imprinting something opposite with mantras or positive affirmations or subliminal messages like adding more white to the black – all we end up is with grey. Not in form of altering – with hypnosis or NLP much like grafting another species on a plant. Not in the sense where you forget it, and then, remember sometime later. Not in the sense of removing it forcefully or stuffing it down deep inside where it festers. Cleaning the depths.

How about you become so self-aware, that time starts slowing down, instead of speeding up as you grow? How about being so compassionate, that even as you are being hurled with abuses, you stay even tempered, and deal, with calmness, compassion, and peace.


How about you finally get through the selective memory recollection and reactions thereof; that surface in your mind forming what you call… you, and find out who ‘you’ are? How about knowing what you read about the body and mind and exploring your mind matter phenomena at the actual experiential level? How about and end to seeking help as your own faculties of wisdom that is suitable to you starts rising with the development of your mental faculties? How about finally being free from -ism’s and -ist’s and dogma’s enforced or accepted out of ignorance?

How about you become alert, attentive, focused, clam, peaceful, compassionate, happy, contented – seamlessly productive, an ego-less path-finder, a compassionate problem solver? How about it?

To learn a universal, secular, scientific and practical technique to develop equanimity – Vipassana take a 10-day residential course. Courses are a gift from old students to new ones. There are no charges even for food and accommodation. If one wants, one can donate after benefiting from a 10-day seminar, according to their means and with the volition that others benefit from the course.

For more information, visit

P.S. This technique has been preserved for 2600 years. Some teachers / organisations offer variations of the technique with their own mix and modifications. I cannot vouch for them. Paying for the technique removes an essential part as the feeling of “I paid for it” comes in, which is an ego based mechanism. After all what price can you give for a technique that gives such benefits when practiced.

BE HAPPY! be peaceful.

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