The Devil is Dead

“Bring out the stallions,
the rebels have captured the bridge.
Death to those rapscallions,
throw them off the ledge.

We have taken an oath to guard our land,
our duty calls us now.
Take your sword in your hand,
and make your enemy bow.

Remember your love,
she waits for your return.
Say a prayer to god above,
and watch your enemy burn.”

“Good exalt sire,
but for who is it?
I don’t see any fire,
nor any enemy – no not one bit.”

“Silence you munchkin,
you rapscallion in a rut.
Don’t you see the kingpin,
is here kicking your butt?”

“No sire I don’t,
Not a person except you in sight.
You’re wrong to confront,
No! I will not fight.”

“The enemy is your delusion,
none exists in flesh.”

“How do I bow with submission,
for I see not this clash.”

“The enemy is your mind darkened,
your body lost,
your soul on itself turned.
You’ll know not when it happened,
I am Faust,
I will see you burned.

You see I sold my soul,
to the Devil for nothing.
The Devil here is a godly ghoul,
and I gave him something.

Something he never dreamed that would be asked.
I saw him reeling at my word.
I’ve since in my glory basked,
treating the Devil as a turd.”

“Why oh why sire,
why do you say your soul is sold?
You speak of anguish – of fire,
at least you could have gotten gold.
Won lands far off and maidens slender,
and have your riches grown a thousand fold.”

“Don’t you see Mariqax I’ve won?
The Devil is dead – he’s done.

Don’t you see I’ve done it, son? I’ve ripped off his intellectual bones. Yes, you see I’ve won” – he said in hushed undertones.

Explain, or say no further,
this puzzle romps my head.
Dear moody king don’t be a bother,
my eyes are heavy as lead.

“Fine, I will and you better spread the news,
the people needn’t fear.
Abolished are the nightly curfews,
there is no need for tear.

I’ve asked the Devil for nothing,
nothing (which does not exist).
You see everything we grasp is something,
the Devil will now desist.

I’ve asked him that my wish be granted,
before anyone else’s is.
By that fact, he is steadily haunted,
Cause my wish is better – it is.

He can’t be the Devil if can’t buy a soul,
his powers are all gone.
Abolished, vanquished is that ghoul,
the Devil I say is done.

So bring on the party,
bring on the food.
You can now call me Smarty,
I’m the new Devil in the hood.”

via Daily Prompt: Moody


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