The Hidden Justifier

So what are you?

what is thou?

Who is the greatest?

Is there a “greatest”?

In the infinite ever increasing,

options of being something,

I come in parading,

my butt and be demeaning,

to the one holy spirit.

Would it fit?

Fit in the curtailed notion of what we are.

We’re limited, unclothed, bare.


Just like a window is but the building itself,

yet the only fragment that lets light in.

The same is the “self” in the infinite being,

it’s got the most fight in it.


The challenge is to connect with it,

to dwell in it,

you have to be.

Not, be this or that,

you do that you’ll fall flat.

Just be.

It’s our essence,

yet the most difficult thing to do.

For we have a mind, body, soul, and spirit.

amped up with faith, logic, melody, and grit.


However, don’t lose hope.

Don’t dope.

That would be cognitive illusion,

with power to mar you with delusion.

Find time to be still, intend it.

Live to your last – yet, don’t condemn it.

For it will be there waiting for you,

being the space where the Universe exists.

You’ll be thou,

you’ll see how you continue to persist.


But would it bring enlightenment?

No no, it wouldn’t.

It’ll be more than a figment of your imagination,

that couldn’t.

Couldn’t see beyond itself,

and thus, lost itself.

Much like losing yourself in thought,

oh, what a melancholy it brought.

You’ll find it your hidden treasure,

that brings you pleasure beyond your wildest measure.

© ANUPAM DWIVEDI – all rights reserved

Treasure  via Daily Prompt: Treasure


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