But What Then?

So ready with fire blazing,

sturdy knuckles, breath and heart.

You stop star-gazing ,

all decided and ready to start.


You’ve made your list,

thought it through over and over.

You get the gist,

entranced like a seduced lover.


But what then?

what then?


You may climb Mt. Everest,

go deep sea diving.

Fly through the tempest,

with no need of saving.

Or  meditate for a year,

without shedding a tear.

You’ll conquer your fear,

but what then my dear?


You’ll still exist as you do.

Alive, you’re the moment that confounds me too.

I’ve seen breaths of it here and there – a few,

Yet they evaporate like morning dew.


So sitting beneath a tree at ages’ gate,

I contemplate on my desire of my ascertained fate.

But what then? I realise,

allow me my dear to briefly summarise.


There is no place I have to be.

There is nowhere to go.

We’re just here, ‘just here’, we are the sea,

with us there is no ‘will be’ nor any ‘ago’.


We’re what flows,

we’re the light that glows.

Not the breather nor the breath,

we cannot die we have no death.


Are you confounded?

I was astounded!

We’re the flow,

and that I hope you know.


There is no difference between man and man,

There is no separation to show.

I’ve described it, now that I can,

That’s all there is to know.


So stop scurrying from task to task,

let your life be rid of woes.

For every sun-ray is the Sun,

No matter how far it goes.


Just like every wave is the ocean,

every sand-dune the dessert.

We’re ‘the thing’ not part of it,

there is no separation to know.

© ANUPAM DWIVEDI – all rights reserved


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