A plead against air pollution

Hello – congrats!

May you be fed to rats.

For that is what you deserve,

I’ll tell you what you didn’t observe.


You burst those crackers,

did you have fun?

I’m feeling bonkers,

I want to shoot you with a gun.


Ask me why?

I’d do it in a minute,

I’ll make you cry,

over this dispute.


Air is precious,

we need to breathe.

Some of us are getting ferocious,

we’re beginning to loathe.


Loathe every vehicle that smokes,

every smoker who tokes.

Every burning plastic, paper and leaf,

It is causing us a lot of grief.


Fresh, clean air,

we all got to share.

But greed and pride,

made our rationality subside.



Gone are the days,

you could run on the roads.

Now the air runs,

On “kill whoever breathes me” mode.


It’s out to get you,

don’t think that I’m joking,

It’s a worse death than,

a psychopaths flaying.


Killing you slowly,

one breath at a time,

It may seem lowly,

but the polluters committed a crime.


Conspiracy to murder,

the ones who sold the wares.

Attempted murder,

well no one cares.


Perhaps it should be attempted genocide,

for attempting to harm masses.

No, no its attempted suicide,

for trying to suffocate oneself with ashes.


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