Laughing, wheezing,
hot with fever,
chattering like a rabid beaver.
Eyes that bleed stress,
hearing the song of the lark.
Pulled up and got dressed,
at the dawn of the dark.


Body breaking under the force,
shouting my voice is hoarse.
Wind gushing on my face,
tears fly from my eyes,
blur of green, white, blue,
I know not what it is.
My heart feels like a jelly held by glue,
the wind does rudely kiss,
stabbing its slaps on my face
what exhilaration this race.
Going faster, still faster,
“yes, yes. . yes!”
Hands tremble.
Tyre over a pebble.

“What?” “rock?”
Shit I was about to win,
There vanishes the beastly grin.

Fear grips,
emotion saturated,
ego annihilated,
fear exasperated.

Fingertips grasp – all futile,
I gasp – another vile.

Thrown through the air,
physics has its flair.

I feel the wind below my shirt,
“oh f**k!” I’m gonna get hurt,
Crunch of steel grating on road,
s**t this is more than I can afford,

Steel meets road,
Knees meet road.
Arm meets bike,
Pain spike.

“SHIT!”, Ironical laugh,
words – fear diminish.
“Let this be a dream” – I wish.

Blaring horn,
screeching Tyre,
hot white pain,
my body’s on fire.

Thud! skull cracked,
all is silenced.

Perspective shifts.
A blue bird drifts,
lands on a branch,
it hears ‘the crunch’.

“Where is Shirley”
thinks her father,
“Have you seen Shirley honey?”
asks her mother.

“On a whim”,
“Mike – go call him.”


The sick the broken,
eyes flick, she’s woken.

A little step forward,
a little glance back.
“You coward, you hack”
Tears flow down the the cheek,
“Speak up Shirley, don’t be meek”.
“Tell your story of why you ran?”
“Why did you leave your chosen man?”
“Cold feet for the man you chose”
“This arranged marriage thing – I oppose.”

© ANUPAM DWIVEDI – all rights reserved

via Daily Prompt: Test


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