Smoking realization and cessation

The psyche of a cigarette smoker,

thinks of himself as quite a joker.

Says – smokers, smokers everywhere,

come contemplate your deaths.

Come place your bets,

on how you may die.

Smokers in India – quite a few,

You litter around and smoke you spew.


So, pick up that cigarette, light that flame,

for your deaths you have none to blame.

Suck it in, putting it on your lips,

observe; how it stains your finger tips.

You pull in that smoke, what a killing joke,

burns your lips and your teeth it stains,

as a joining prize bad breath you obtain.

Tasting buds are killed,

but you just want your lungs smoke filled.

As it goes in, it stings your throat,

another hole in life’s boat.

Your lungs then, are filled with tar,

enough tar per year to fill a jar.

The nicotine and chemicals enter your bloodstream,

your blood vessels and organs start to scream.

Then, from there, the smoke goes into, your heart,

and, you start to turn, into a smokey old fart.

Nicotine then rears its ugly head,

I’ll tell you now, how it wants you dead.

From your heart into your brain,

ready as hell to bring on pain,

The blood, now a nicotine carrier,

passes the blood brain barrier.

Viola you get a hit, it causes you to feel happy.

That’s true to the core of its bit,

but that’s just the start of being crappy;

because in your brain, the nicotine causes addiction,

its a sort of slavery, I can say with conviction.


So what to do if you’re caught in this shit?

what to do if you can’t go without a hit?

Well, make a list of smoking cons & pros,

stop hanging out, with your smokey fro and bros.

There are billions of non-smokers,

adopt new friends, rather than hanging out with those jokers.

Calculate the cost of smoking per year,

then imagine what you can do if you saved that much a year.

Think of your health, think of those around you,

passive smoking kills too and their death is on you.

Think of the example you’re setting to society,

you’re better off living in sobriety.

Remember, its your time to be brave,

get some help to beat the crave,

You can try deep breathing, when the craving arrives,

or do some push ups to try and survive,

drink lots of water, cranberry juice helps detox,

put it off – say you’ll smoke later, then don’t

there’s another method that helps you outfox,

the crave & this one’s the best,

exhale completely & hold your breath for 15 seconds  – go put it to the test.

Be careful! – don’t choke, death is not a joke.

Join smoking cessation groups online for support,

connect with non-smokers and built rapport.

All in all if you wish not to quit,

carry on yeah, go on take that hit.

If fate has it  – you’ll die a natural death,

this blessing I hope god unto you bequeaths.

© ANUPAM DWIVEDI – all rights reserved


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