Stress Management

I wish you find reason in times of distress,

It’s treason to yourself to not manage your stress.

For eventually you will blow it one day,

Then, what will you say?


You’ll get angry, make excuses.

It looks derogatory, while your face blushes.

Some try to blame, or play a mind game.

Some sit still, some get nervous & gorge their fill.

Yet some others don’t care, some give in and share.

But all in all, what? You’ve made a scene on the spot.


Be wise, heed now,

time to rise, somehow.

Go for a run, laugh – have some fun,

lift weights, scale new heights,

Drink green tea, go look at the sea,

If it’s too much go to a mountain top and shout,

One scream and you’ll know it’s nothing to worry about.


Say something funny, go hold a bunny,

eat something green, stop acting like a rebellious teen!

Apologize, think of something pleasing,

be wise, while dealing with someone teasing.


Count down from 10, Drink cold water,

pick up your pen, and write a letter,

Go to the gym, sing a hymn,

All in all, if it doesn’t work out.

then, just walk out!

Breathe deeply, breathe slowly,

because unjustified anger, equals danger.

© ANUPAM DWIVEDI – all rights reserved



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