Two Worlds Open

It’s a warm world, it’s a cold world. There’s compassion, there’s distance, There’s memory, there’s resistance. There’s illusion, there’s choice, In our quiet seclusion, we rejoice. There’s comfort, there’s pain, Mission abort, I hope it rains. There’s the giver, then the taker, on flows the river, and the maker. However the silence, is game for … More Two Worlds Open

The Hidden Justifier

So what are you? what is thou? Who is the greatest? Is there a “greatest”? In the infinite ever increasing, options of being something, I come in parading, my butt and be demeaning, to the one holy spirit. Would it fit? Fit in the curtailed notion of what we are. We’re limited, unclothed, bare.   … More The Hidden Justifier

The Last Lullaby

Inspire me, son for I lie wasting, my soul the torment won, I lie broken yet heeding, next to my fabled son.   This will be my last moment, set amidst a world of torment. Be enthralling and just to cause, I want you to be of some use.   So sing of today, and … More The Last Lullaby

But What Then?

So ready with fire blazing, sturdy knuckles, breath and heart. You stop star-gazing , all decided and ready to start.   You’ve made your list, thought it through over and over. You get the gist, entranced like a seduced lover.   But what then? what then?   You may climb Mt. Everest, go deep sea … More But What Then?