Be Brave

Be brave and welcome a better tomorrow. … More Be Brave


The Hidden Justifier

So what are you? what is thou? Who is the greatest? Is there a “greatest”? In the infinite ever increasing, options of being something, I come in parading, my butt and be demeaning, to the one holy spirit. Would it fit? Fit in the curtailed notion of what we are. We’re limited, unclothed, bare.   … More The Hidden Justifier


Laughing, wheezing, hot with fever, chattering like a rabid beaver. Eyes that bleed stress, hearing the song of the lark. Pulled up and got dressed, at the dawn of the dark. _________________________________________ Body breaking under the force, shouting my voice is hoarse. Wind gushing on my face, tears fly from my eyes, blur of green, … More Roadster